MikroTik Multiple SSID with Separate LAN and DHCP Server

Station Bridge RB Wifi Mikrotik - YouTube Mar 25, 2016 Mikrotik Point to Point Wireless Bridge - IT Imagination Mikrotik Point to Point Wireless Bridge Note that this guide can work for any Mikrotik board with an antenna, just not the SXT product line. You can use these same instructions for the WAP line, LHG line, Groove line, even the BaseBox, as long as the antenna frequencies can match (e.g. 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz), you can follow these instructions.

Dec 16, 2019

Manual:Wireless Station Modes - MikroTik Wiki This mode is MikroTik proprietary and cannot be used to connect to other brands of devices. This mode is safe to use for L2 bridging and is the preferred mode unless there are specific reasons to use station-wds mode. With station-bridge mode, it is not possible to connect to CAPsMAN controlled CAP.

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hello. im having issues setting up wireless bridge. i have main router with few wireless devices attached to it, i want to connect a computer to said router through haplite router set up as wireless bridge. i kind of manage to do it, but as soon as i connect it, other devices cannot access to internet. what am i …