The Omen, Ring, Insidious, Children Of The Corn… the horror genre has more creepy kids hanging around than a Young Conservatives meeting.But rarely is kinderhorror as effective as in Spanish

Is Insidious a good film? : horror It's #43 out of 50 of the Best Horror for this sub. So, while not the greatest, it's still up there as one of the best for this sub. It's one of the few haunting/possession films I actually like, so that should say something to the movie's benefit. But Insidious is actually a damn good movie. level 1. 1 point · … Insidious Chapter 4 is coming | Heaven of Horror Apr 15, 2016 [Horror Queers] The Villainous Cross-Dresser of 'Insidious For lifelong queer horror fans like Joe and Trace, there’s a delight in deciphering the lingering […] [Horror Queers] The Villainous Cross-Dresser of 'Insidious: Chapter 2' - Bloody Disgusting

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Insidious - Movie Reviews The film's main source of horror - the spirits - seemed like they were borrowed from previous horror films. They're intended to be scary but having seen similar ones so many times before.