Nov 28, 2016

Google Account Blocked – What Now I am currently using 7.97 GB of storage data on Google, this means if my account gets blocked not that I will loss access to my email I will also loss access to all the stored data. Its always recommended to backup and as stated above: diversify . Powerful Search Engine Google Blocked In China Again But Why? Mountain View, CALIFORNIA – Google, one of the known and popular search engines along with the company’s other Internet services had been blocked again from China. The data came out from Google where they’ve noticed that the company’s services became inaccessible in China at around 5:00 PM (Beijing time) last Friday (09th of November). Is Google banned in any country? Which ones? - Quora

Update: Google admits to the change in a statement to CNET: "We are not censoring any adult content, and want to show users exactly what they are looking for — but we aim not to show sexually

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Jul 16, 2019

Microsoft edge is blocking, Mar 09, 2017 Microsoft blocks Google Chrome & other browsers from