2017-10-20 · The nas is a Synology two bay DS214 nas with 2 specialized nas drives with each 2 TB of storage in RAID0. (so in total something like 3TB usable space) And no, the nas and my own pc are the only things I can't see. My father's pc is visible. (if it is on) And no, my version of Windows is not pirated!

Synergy Worldwide 2020-7-16 ·  Náš tým - Synergy FG Náš tým Finanční poradci Petr Novotný Praxe 10 let Facebook Moje práce je cesta, jak být prospěšný svým blízkým, a zároveň mít dostatek prostoru a možností pro aktivní životní styl … Poradenství a budování firmy se věnuji bezmála 10 let. Za tu dobu se mnohokrát změnily mé priority a motivy. Dnes je pro mne nejcennějším…Continue reading → 跨平台文件同步软件 Resilio Sync 替代品 (电脑/手 …

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Can I connect Synology Diskstation NAS directly to a PC or NAS means network attached storage and is being connected to a network. Once added as a network drive, the new drive will appear in your drive list on your PC or Mac. If you want to connect your NAS directly, you can do it. Set up manual IP on your PC and NAS with a one in the same IP range. Than use Synology finder app or type IP in the

Synergy Core. This is the open source core component of Synergy, a keyboard and mouse sharing tool. We're hiring! Join the Synergy Team (Node.js, React, C++) News: We Are Putting UX First (Symless Blog) Recommended. Things most people will need. Download - Get the compiled version of Synergy 1 or Synergy 2.

Best NAS for the Home in 2020 | Windows Central The ASUSTOR AS5304T is a very capable NAS. It's inspired by the latest trends in gaming design, rocks a beefy Intel CPU, and upgradable DDR4 RAM for optimal performance at this price point.