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With 2-Step Verification, if a bad guy hacks through your password layer, he'll still need your phone or Security Key to get into your account. Sign in will require something you know and Protect your account with 2-Step Verification - Computer Something you have, like your phone; Turn on 2-Step Verification. Open your Google Account. In the navigation panel, select Security. Under “Signing in to Google,” select 2-Step Verification Get started. Follow the on-screen steps. Your account,, is associated with your work or school. How to Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number Dec 25, 2019 How To Bypass SMS Verification Of Any Website/Service How to bypass Facebook, Tinder, imo, VK, Craiglist, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Chatroulette, GMail or Yahoo SMS verification. Make fake accounts! In short, you can bypass any phone verification API by using the below trick.

Yes Google allow users to have Gmail account without verifying phone numbers . You just need to skip the phone number verification. To create Gmail account without verifying phone number 1. Go to settings in your Gmail. 2. Then click Add Account o

I am trying to get into my old email and the phone number I have set to for it to send a verification code is a landline and there is no way for me to receive a text and I've been trying to find a way to see if i can receive a call to get the verification code

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