Jun 26, 2019 · Instagram accounts are personal by default so in this post we’ll show you how to convert your personal account to a business account. If you do not already have an Instagram account, you’ll need to create one. Having a business account on Instagram has a lot of benefits, including valuable insights and a “directions” button to your profile. Feb 04, 2020 · Have fun using Instagram on PC! 2. Use Instagram for PC with the Official Desktop App. For a long time, Instagram was limited to the web for PC users. But now, Instagram has upped their game and brought the official Instagram desktop app on the Microsoft Store. Now you can access every Instagram feature on PC including photos and videos upload. Apr 28, 2020 · If it's not your whole profile you want to make private, but just a few pictures, you also have the option to hide select photos on your Instagram account. The option is in the photo menu. The option is in the photo menu.

May 07, 2020 · Go to the Instagram site on your browser, and log into your own account. Make sure you’re on your own profile page before you start. Then, in the top navbar of your browser, click View → Developer → Developer Tools: Immediately, a Developer Console will open to the right side.

You can not do it on a Desktop you have to do it from a Phone or Tablet through the Instagram App and you have to make a Regular Account first before you can make a Business Account you cant just make a Business Account only Once you have Made a Account look through your Settings for the Option to make a Business Instagram Account 9.1K views

Download Instagram Photos and Videos on your Phone & PC; You can easily log out your Instagram account remotely using the below mentioned simple trick. You can do it through your Computer and also from the Instagram App on your Smartphone. Let’s check out in detail what’s the trick & how to do it.

Jan 30, 2018 · Q: I can’t link my page to my Instagram account. A: Only the admin of a Facebook page has allowed connecting to Instagram Business Profile. Make sure that you are the admin of the page. If not, contact your page admin. Q: I don’t have a Facebook page but my Facebook account is like my business profile. Can I still link it to my Instagram? Mar 11, 2017 · Follow This Steps to Create Instagram Account on Computer and Laptop easy. Now follow Friends and Create Our Networks on Instagram. Watch This Video on Just Tutorial.