The Snowden ranch was not spared – by the time Wayne and Virginia Snowden purchased the property in 1955, only thirteen acres remained under active cultivation – seven acres of vineyards planted to Petit Sirah and Palomino or Chasselas; and six acres of prunes, walnuts, and apricots.

Jan 30, 2014 Edward Snowden will not be pardoned in his lifetime, says May 21, 2020 Snowden’s Box: Trust in the Age of Surveillance - book Jul 02, 2020

Edward Snowden discloses U.S. government operations - HISTORY

That story climaxes in a tense meeting between Snowden and an officer of the FSB in the Moscow airport. The official does his best, briefly, to turn Snowden into a Russian intelligence asset. Edward Snowden: 'The people are still powerless, but now Jun 04, 2018 Edward Snowden Fast Facts - CNN

Edward Snowden, a young computer genius working for America's National Security Agency, blew the whistle on the way this frighteningly powerful organisation uses new technology to spy on the entire planet. The consequences have shaken the leaders of nations worldwide.

“The Snowden Files, the first book on what British journalist Luke Harding calls ‘the biggest intelligence leak in history,’ is a readable and thorough account. The narrative is rich in newsroom details, reflecting Harding’s inside access as a correspondent for the London-based Guardian newspaper, which broke the story… The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Jan 01, 2014